Introducing the 2018 Committee

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President – Max Thompson,
Secretary (Shared Role) Tanya Harris-Bateman and Naomi Thompson,
Treasurer – Jason Toniello,
Senior Vice President – Jessie New,
Junior Vice President – Nadine Toniello,
Canteen – position available,
Senior and Junior Registrar – Sharon Lane

Please follow this link to the full committee (including contact details).

Like most local sporting organisations, Lismore Workers FC, is run by volunteers and we encourage any input from members to help keep the club operating successfully.

There are still some vacant roles on the committee but even if you’re not comfortable taking on an official position, there is plenty you can do to make a positive contribution. At the sign-on days we will have a list of other duties and helpful ways you can become involved in your club’s activities and events. We also value your ideas and any suggestions for improvement, so please don’t be shy with your input.

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