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On Monday morning we received the very sad news of the passing of Brian Sharkey, after a long illness.

Brian has been a hard working, committed and highly valued member of Lismore Workers Football Club for many years.

Initially, Brian became involved with the club as his boys, Sam and Ben, progressed through junior teams.

As time went by, and Sam and Ben approached the older grades, Brian, Barb and the boys joined in all areas of the club and the Workers FC family.

They quickly became much more than members of the same football club. We have spent holidays together, looked after each other’s kids, worked on each other’s houses and had lots of fun times together.

Brian was always ready to volunteer whenever or wherever he was needed. Brian was conscious of the importance of junior players and coaches and their significance to the long term health of the club in both a competitive and social sense. He lent his support and time to many a presentation day, muster day and other activities.

His inclination towards serving others led him to devote time to help in the running of our club and the game in our region. As a committee member and President of Lismore Workers FC Brian left an impressive legacy. His diligent work on the committee is one of the reasons Lismore Workers FC is in the strong position it is today.

Brian also served on the Board of Football Far North Coast.

On the field Brian enjoyed helping as coach or manager for several teams over the years including as part of the Grand final winning 2012 Premier Men’s side in which Sam played.

As a supporter Brian’s love of photography saw him contribute to the fabric of the club with images of players of all ages.

Brian was very proud of his boys. Throughout his long battle with illness he remained a strong supporter of the club and was at as many games as he could be for as long as he was able. Right up until only a few weeks ago, Brian was still thinking of the club, as he and Barb donated a new massage table for the use of the players. Just an indication of the importance the club held in Brian and Barb’s life.

Brian will be sorely missed. His affable, polite and approachable nature endeared him to many parents and players during his reign as President and beyond.

His dignified fight against the ravages of illness, his toughness, and his strength will remain as inspirations to all of us.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Barb, Sam and Ben at this time. Rest in Peace, Brian.

Dave Condon
President, Lismore Workers FC

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