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I hope everybody had a nice break over summer and are ready for a new season of football.

Some very good news for the new season is that we will be playing on a brand new surface, this year. At the moment it looks quite patchy, but we are assured we will be on our new field in the early part of the season. Until then, we have organised for all training and games to be transferred from Richards to Riverview Park, South Lismore, as well as using Blair Oval as in the past. As soon as Richards Oval is ready, we will return.

I am proud to again take up the role of Club President and am also pleased to introduce our other committee members and officials for 2014 – I am particularly happy to welcome the young members, who are ready to step up to their roles in the committee.

Administrative Coordinator: Adeyemi Johnson emailadmin@lismoreworkersfc.org.au

Finance Coordinator: Jason Toniello emailfinance@lismoreworkersfc.org.au

Senior Vice President: Andy Fitness emailsnrpresident@lismoreworkersfc.org.au

Junior Vice President: Jessica Fitness emailjnrpresident@lismoreworkersfc.org.au

Senior Registrar: Sharon Lane emailsnrregistrar@lismoreworkersfc.org.au

Junior Registrar: Jessie New emailjnrregistrar@lismoreworkersfc.org.au

Junior Non-Competitive Coordinator: Jessica Fitness emailjnrpresident@lismoreworkersfc.org.au

Club House Coordinator: vacant

Licensee: John Bancroft

Canteen: Sue Deegan

Fund Raising: Vicky Fitness

Facilities & Equipment Coordinator: Soren Hjorth

This year’s committee has seen some changes in several positions as well as the addition of some new faces. However, there are still many roles vacant and as our club is run by volunteers, it is expected that all members chip in to help where they can to make our club even better. At sign on, you will find a list of opportunities for you to join a team to help out in a way of your own choice. Of course this will allow you the chance to be heard if you have any suggestions for the further development of your club.

Registration this year will be online, but please make sure you come to one of our three sign-on days to ensure your place on a team and to make the registration administration easier for our volunteers.

Even though many teams don’t play for months yet, all teams need to be nominated shortly after the last sign on. The only way to secure your place in a team is to attend a sign on and make your fee payments. Last year some people (Junior and senior) were disappointed as they didn’t sign on early enough and missed out on a place in a team. Positions in teams are likely to fill quickly. We advise all players to get to a sign on or sign online with payment and not assume their position in their team from last year will automatically be held.

We look forward to seeing all our current players and to welcome new members – Feel free to bring as many friends as you like. Read on for more information.

Please note, the website is being rebuilt and it is looking great. It will be our main way of getting information to players and families, particularly about ground closures and changes to games. Please check it out and become familiar with it. It will save us all lots of time.

Dave Condon, Club President

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