Lismore Workers FC was founded in 1949 when a gentleman called Ossie Pomroy, who had played previously with Lismore City, got together with a group of people and decided to extend the soccer competition by another team, and formed Eastwood United Soccer Club. The club started with three teams: Under 14 years, Under 18 years and Senior Division. The club’s policy was to form and maintain a strong club, embracing both senior and junior players. Officers elected were: Patron, Dr RE Longworth: President, M Guilmant; Secretary, M Glendenning; Assistant Secretary, E Wells; Treasurer, J Harrison; and Publicity Officer, 0H Pomroy.

Over the next 36 years Eastwood grew in numbers to become one of the leading soccer clubs in the district. The people who guided the soccer club during this time are too numerous to mention, but some who contributed were Max Thompson, Jim Nilon, Peter Wiblen, Andy Stevens, Kevin Condon and Rod Thomas. Some of these people are still very much involved with the Lismore Workers FC. One player from this era who went on to greater things was goalkeeper Terry Greedy, who played goalkeeper for Australia.

In the years 1982, 1983 and 1984 Eastwood United Soccer Club won the Northern NSW State Amateur Cup. Some of the members of the team – Gordon Bryant, Wayne lanna, Glen Hart and Peter Wiblen – later held executive positions within the club.

In 1982 the team took out Minor Premiership and won the Anzac Cup. During that season the team played 38 games, winning 29, drawing 4 and losing 5. They scored 90 goals and conceded 30 goals. The team included Peter Wiblen, Ken MacPherson (coach), Glen Hart, Gordon Bryant, Andrew Stevens, Peter Law (manager), Dave Gardiner, Wayne lanna, Kevin Keevers, Phillip Parkes, Rod Thomas (President), Terry Stephens, David Burgess, John Wraight, Andrew Wilcox, Mick Stevens and Alan Plenty (strapper).

During the 1985-1986 season Eastwood United Soccer Club changed its name to Lismore Workers Soccer Club. With this change came greater stability for the club. It completed its first major project with the building of the clubhouse, which was opened in 1995.

In 1992 Lismore Workers Soccer Club was the first Lismore Club to win a Champion of Champions competition in the Under 17 years age group. This was the first time in the 28 year history of this state-wide knockout competition that a team north of Newcastle won a division. The team was coached by Kevin Keevers and players were Anthony Alvos, Adrian Butcher, Doug Scott, Bradley Bosworth, Daniel Vincent, Dean Jarrett, Jeremy Wraight, David Bryant, Matthew Cummings, Shane Arnold, Bryan Keevers, Andrew McGregor, Darren Smith, Darren Donadel and Damien Keevers.

As well as having Terry Greedy playing for Australia, the club is proud to have seen Anthony Alvos reach the Joey train-on squad and, more recently, Matthew Walsh reach the Australian Under 17 train-on squad.

In recent seasons Lismore Workers FC has had as many as 230 juniors and 120 seniors playing in the male and female competitions.

On a club level, success tends to be measured by the top sides and we can say we have been one of the most successful clubs with 16 Anzac Cup wins, 13 Minor Premierships and 12 Major Premierships. The site has been updated to reflect the Men’s Premier Team winning both the 2013 Anzac Cup and Major Premiership. This does not include three successful Mid-Week Cup Competitions in 1992, 1993 and 1994, which was when the competition was disbanded. The clubs Premier teams have been successful in reaching the quarter finals of the Northern NSW State Cup in 2011 and 2012.

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